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Bell + Howell 21 LED Clip Light


Bell + Howell 21 LED Clip Light


1 @ $19.38

2 for $33.20 ($16.60 each)

4 pack for $55.38 ($13.85 each)

IVA Included


Super bright LED light

  • 21 LEDs per unit
  • Click once for 1 LED, click again to turn off and then click again for 20 LEDs
  • Flashlight on the end, 20 LED light lantern on the side
  • Great for walking outdoors, camping, around the house or as an emergency light

Built-in clip
  • Hook it to your belt loop, backpacks or hook it to the side of your purse
  • Can hang on doors or bike handles and more

Magnets on back

  • Mount to flat metal surfaces 
  • Magnetic for hands-free use 
  • Lightweight and durable


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