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Blacklight UV Flashlight

Blacklight UV Flashlight


Price $17.80

IVA Included


PET URINE FINDER - The backlight flashlight can reveal urine and stains of dogs, cats and other pets on carpets, rugs, floors, furniture, cloth and much more that can’t be seen with the naked eye. It works by emitting long wave ultraviolet light.

MULTIPURPOSE DETECTION – This hand-held black light is also great for finding scorpions in your backyard, or outdoors to look for caterpillars eating your vegetable crops, leak diagnostics, and it is handy for detecting freon leaks in AC systems on vehicles.

DETECT A LARGE AREA with 51 top-quality bright L.E.D lights. This ultraviolet light contains uses fluorescence to clearly illustrate stains.

SLEEK and COMFORTABLE GRIP – This extraordinary light case is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum alloy with an anti-abrasive surface, and non-slip textured grip. It includes a lanyard that is useful to either to wrap to your wrist or belt loop. It is compact and lightweight for easy carrying in a pocket or backpack.

SAVE TIME & MONEY - With the urine detector light, you can detect invisible stains in carpet or clothes yourself, without paying for professional cleaners.


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