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Box Stove with 5 Fire Disks


Box Stove with 5 Fire Disks

Price $51.39

IVA Included

When you are cooking outdoors, or there is a propane shortage and you still want to prepare cooked food, this stove allows you to cook either with the supplied fire disks, candles, or other fuel sources. 

The Box Stove is a solid stove that can handle heavier pots and pans without collapsing or tipping. Its adjustable shelf makes it versatile to handle a wide variety of fuel. If you are looking to cook with larger pots and pans, the Box Stove is perfect for you.



  • Adjustable shelf 
  • Solid structure 
  • Each disk burns approximately 25 minutes
  • The fire disks are nice, but the reusable stove can be indispensable!
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 4 inches
  • Great for heavier pots and pans
  • Perfect to add to your food storage
  • Perfect for boiling water in an emergency situation without electricity.


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