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Dominik Kedzior Stun Gun Taser Flashlight

Dominik Kedzior Stun Gun Taser Flashlight 


For Self Defense

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IVA Included


    • ❂ Multi-Use Stun Gun -- The stun gun with super powerful lights can be used for a flashlight as well as self-defense weapon. The brights lights can provide a sufficient light but also be used to temporarily blind the attacker. The powerful electric current provides a second protection for you.
    • ❂ Powerful Shock Effect -- As the bright high voltage electric current pulsates between the test prongs and creates an intimidating electrical sound which is enough to dissuade any would-be attacker.
    • ❂ Safer Use -- There are two levels safety switch with this taser stun gun preventing accidental discharge which would provides safer use.
    • ❂ Portable & Rechargeable -- The size is 4.3*3.4 will fit your handbag so you can carry it anywhere.The stun gun is also rechargeable.

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