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Ultimate Access Lock Pick Set + Free EBook

Ultimate Access Lock Pick Set + Free EBook

Price $62.94

IVA Included

Ultimate Access Lock Pick Set Includes:

12 - Lock picks for any type of lock

3 - Tension wrenches

1 - See-through padlock and key

1 - Leather pouch

Now You Have VIP Access to Any Lock, Room, or Car

Imagine having VIP access to every place that's currently "off limits" to you now. Cars, rooms, padlocks, storage units...the list goes on. During an emergency situation, those "off limits" areas are the biggest thing standing between you and your survival. And if you don't have the right skills and equipment to access them, there could be disastrous consequences. With the Ultimate Access Lock pick Set you'll have a complete set of high quality picks that can open nearly any lock in the world. You'll also get a see-through practice padlock, so you can bypass the learning curve that most newbies get stuck on and rocket your skills to the master level.

Ultimate Access Lock Pick Set Features:

Everything Included: Comes with everything you need to have unlimited VIP access to any lock, room, or car. You'll get 12 different picks, 3 tension wrenches, 1 see-through pin-tumbler padlock, and a handy leather pouch to carry it all.

Makes a Great Hobby: Millions of people worldwide consider themselves lock pick hobbyists and enjoy the challenge of trying to open discarded locks.  You can get in on this enjoyable hobby, too.

Never Pay a Locksmith Again: The locksmith is all too happy to slap you with an overpriced bill for his "expertise." His normal routine is to make a big deal out of how difficult his job is even though it only takes a few minutes.

Helps Free Prisoners: What would you do if a loved one was kidnapped and you didn't have a lock pick, or if you were in cuffs? As a skilled lock pick, you could turn the tables and regain control in those nightmare scenarios.

Unlock Any Car: Warning...for emergency use only! Unlock any car and start it without a key so you can escape quickly. Can also be used the next time you lock yourself out of your own car. Save yourself the locksmith's overpriced bill.

Lightweight and Compact: Even with all the picks, wrenches, padlock, and pouch the entire set only weighs 6 ounces, so you can comfortably carry it with you on any trip.

Tough and Durable: All the picks and wrenches in this set are made with a durable carbon-based metal. This metal will withstand the pressure and twisting that commonly breaks low-end lock pick sets. Your new Ultimate Access Lock pick Set will last for years.

Ultimate Access Lock Pick Set Specs:

Included Padlock Type: Pin-tumbler

Weight: 6 oz.


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