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Solar and Wall Phone Charger with Flashlight and Lantern


Solar and Wall Phone Charger with Flashlight and Lantern

Price $39.41

IVA Included


  • Variety of Settings: This multi-function lantern has three distinct settings: High, Low, and SOS Flashing. Whether you're hanging it up and using it as a tent lantern, lighting up your campsite, or using it to signal for help, this camping lantern can make the work a lot easier.

  • Solar Charged: Using the power of the sun, this rechargeable camping lantern will not only charge up your cell phone, tablet and other electronic devices, but can also recharge itself in a flash.

  • Insanely Compact: This mini camping lantern is so compact, it can even fit in your pocket (hence the nickname "Pocket Lantern")! Its telescopic function allows it to fold up to just 156 x 58 x 76mm, making it the perfect size to fit in your camping supplies or bug out bag.

  • Surprisingly Versatile: This outdoor lantern is surprisingly versatile, thanks to its durable handle. For example, you can hang it inside your shelter and use it as a tent lantern, or hang it on a tree branch in the middle of the night for extra visibility.

  • Easily Signal For Help: This outdoor lantern has an SOS signaling feature, putting it in our "emergency camping gear" category of survival tools. If you get into trouble, use the multi-function lantern's SOS flashing setting and its SOS emergency signal in order to signal for help from rescue teams. This can easily save your life!

  • Outstanding Protection: This mini camping lantern includes a protection chip, which offers protection from overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuiting your outdoor lantern.


Use with Rechargeable USB Batteries – sold separately.

Use with 4 Port USB Hub – sold separately.


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