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Slimline Power Failure Lite


Slimline Power Failure Lite


1 @ $16.27

2 for $28.60 total ($14.30 each total)

IVA Included

  • LED POWER FAILURE LIGHT - automatically turns on when the power fails; acts as a handy handheld flashlight or 24-hour guide light that is always charged; features a bright, white, long-lasting LED light

  • BE PREPARED IN AN EMERGENCY - lights up automatically when the power fails, helping you to find your flashlight quickly; keep them in easy-to-reach places around your home for when your need them

  • A MUST-HAVE TOOL - a necessity item for blackouts, storms, natural disasters and tripped breakers; be prepared and invest in peace of mind to protect yourself and your family

  • RECHARGEABLE AND RELIABLE - the built-in NiMH battery charges when plugged into the outlet and no replacement batteries or bulbs are required; retractable AC plug fits all standard outlets

  • ERGONOMIC AND PLEASING DESIGN - featuring a semi-gloss white and finish that makes a stylish addition to any home and is sure to compliment the surrounding decor; plugs into any standard outlet and does not obstruct the second outlet plug


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