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Solar Kettle - Portable Water Heater With Temperature Gauge


Solar Kettle - Portable Water Heater  With Temperature Gauge

Price $84

IVA Included 

HOW IT WORKS: Designed like a thermos consisted of two glass tubes made from borosilicate glass, through folded out reflectors specifically designed to maximize capturing the energy of the sun, the outer tube allows light rays to pass through the minimum reflection, while the inner tube will absorb heat energy warming up the water/content inside. The reflectors will gather three times more energy of the sun than with only a plain tube. The kettle is cold to touch on the outside, but warm on the inside.

ADVANTAGES: You will heat water at zero cost! No electricity required! No more reliance on a gas, propane or charcoal stove. You will use this anywhere there is sunlight. Whether camping in a tent, motorhome, mountaineering, hunting, fishing, kayaking or on maneuvers with the army - our solar kettle is a reliable source of easily made safe hot beverages and food.

FOR OUTDOORS AND OFF-GRID: This original solar kettle was designed specifically for those off-grid in need of clean safe drinking water, hot coffee, tea or soup. It can be used to rehydrate MRE's, cook meals such as hot cereal, eggs, noodles, rice, potatoes or any other that can fit inside the tube. When finished cooking, just keep the cap closed to maintain content warm and ready to drink or eat for hours after the sun is out. No monitoring is required.


LIGHT, COMPACT, PORTABLE AND DURABLE: Measures 18.5” x 4”, weighs 2.5 lb. with a capacity to hold 3 cups (500 ml), it is made of strong, durable and shock resistant materials with no moving parts. It has been tested to withstand hail up to 25 mm in diameter. The solar kettle is protected against manufacturing defects for 24 months.


STURDY WITH TEMPERATURE GAUGE: Depending on the season and intensity of the sun and altitude, the kettle will warm up content as quickly as 15-20 minutes and reach boiling point of 200 F (93.4 C) in less than 1 hour. It is designed to work in all seasons as long as the sun is up. It will also function in cloudy days or with the snow around, capturing ultraviolet light and holding its heat.


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