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Why Us?

Prices on imported safety products may seem a little high but…it’s O.K. to splurge a little on safety! You’re only going to invest in these products one time. You won’t be getting more than one fire escape ladder. And besides – for those of you that just can’t stop smoking in bed and keep setting your place on fire – they’re reusable ;-)

Ecuador works on propane. Propane is toxic, and sometimes makes people go BOOM. Gee - do you save some pennies and not invest in a propane detector? Or do you just gamble on some night waking up dead?

Here’s a little info regarding why imported products are too high to be practical for you to order on your own. In Ecuador, shipments under 4 kg (8.8 pounds) and under $400 in price are subject to a $42 “4x4” tax.


And another example: Shipping a $20 item from the U.S. would cost

$20 Cost of the item

$40 in transportation costs

$42 in 4X4 duty

$2.40 in VAT tax (IVA)


$104.40 Plus the particular duty on each item, & the tariff based on weight – probably about $4